If you have decided to represent yourself in Court,

let us assist you in correctly completing the required forms,

and compassionately guiding you through the Court filing process.

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Legal Document Preparation Services

Need legal documents for court....but can't afford an attorney?

We aren't attorneys, and can't give legal advice, 

but we can help you!

We care, will listen, and will help you prepare your documents...for less!

We will respect you, your time, and your $$$!


We are everything You need

AsAs proud Members of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers, we are committed to making your court filing process as stress-free as possible.  Our kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable Associates will come by Your side, helping you complete the forms required by the Court for your individual situation.  We assist those wishing to represent themselves, known as "Pro Se Litigants"with the following:


Our Credentials and Memberships

 Paralegal Diploma from Blackstone Institute


Florida 12th Circuit, Guardian ad Litem


Board Member of SOLVE Maternity Homes


Society of Human Resource Management

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Parenting Plans

We will help you complete the complicated, court-ordered Parenting Plan forms.  Starting at $95.00.

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Dissolution of Marriage

We will assist you in completing the forms required by the court to legally dissolve a marriage.  There are four types of Dissolution of Marriage in the State of Florida and all require different forms.  Starting at $250.00.

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Child Support

All forms needed for Child Support issues that may include Petitions, Answers, Modifications, or Paternity.  Starting at $$275.00.


Family or Stepparent Adoption

We will assist you in completing the forms required by the court in your circuit of the adoption of a child(ren) with whom you are a Close Relative or a Stepparent.  $350.00.


Temporary and Concurrent Custody

We will help you complete the forms required by the Court to grant Custody of a minor child(ren) to an Extended Family Member(s).  $275.00.



We will help you fill out Court forms in response to Garnishment attempts and Lawsuits involving your assets and personal property. $65.00 per hour.


Living Trust or Last Will and Testament

Do you have anything in writing that tells people what to do in case you can't tell them what you want, or if you die?  We can help you complete the necessary paperwork.  $295.00.


Injunction (Restraining Order)

If you are a victim of Domestic Violence or Stalking, we can help you complete the Court required forms for the type of protection you are seeking.  $125.00.



If you meet the Court's requirements, and have the necessary supporting documentation, we will help you complete the forms petitioning the Court to Expunge/Seal your record(s).  $275.00.


Name Change

A Name Change can involve a Family, Child, or Adult.  We will help you complete the required forms.  Starting at $100.00.


Early Termination of Probation

Upon payment of fines and completion of conditions, we will help Probationer complete the forms required to petition the Court to end the probation early.  $130.00.


Miscellaneous Court Required Forms

We will help you complete the necessary forms to respond to Petitions and Motions.  $65.00 per hour.

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We will help you complete the forms required by the court to establish Paternity, so you can enjoy time-sharing and other parental rights.  $250.00




We are committed to helping our customers navigate the Self Representation Process of the Florida Court System.

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